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This from May 30: 1988

STRINGING ALONG: Jimmy Hollister is trying to bring back the yoyo. They're collecting them for distribution at Portland children's hospitals. But, more urgently, they're also looking for an old Duncan yoyo man. ``You know,'' says Jimmy, ``the guy who used to show up in school playground every spring and walk the dog.''

Here's a little bit from Nov. 27, 1987.

A bouquet this week to Vic Ives and his retromaniacs for their ongoing efforts to bring back live radio drama. I grew up listening to radio theater on the BBC and ever since have had a soft spot in my heart for this endangered species. The first broadcast Oct. 22 was so much fun that Ives & Co. are trying it again. ``Live at The Heathman'' will be broadcast from The Symphony Room at the hotel at 8 p.m. Nov. 19. But be warned. Those in the audience will be expected to get involved in the broadcast, as in booing, hissing and, most important of all, gasping! When should one gasp? Easy. Every time Jimmy Hollister holds up the big sign saying ``Gasp!''

And this from Dec. 12, 1993.

ONWARD: Veteran Portland radio personality Jimmy Hollister is back in town after a couple of years in California. ``People down there were just too busy to talk,'' he says. ``Even the newspaper delivery boy had voice mail. ''Easing back on to Stumptown airwaves, Jimmy will be subbing as a guest host on KFXX.

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